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Bioresonance Overview

What is Bioresonance:
Bioresonance consist mainly of various methods of application of certain frequencies or magnetic fields to the body. The underlying theory behind this is that all matter has a resonant frequency and every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency.
This takes the form of an electromagnetic field and groups of cells In an organ or system have multiple frequency patterns which are unique. Hence, the whole body has a complex frequency make up which can change or become distorted when affected by illness. If you accept that the cells are controlled by electromagnetic fields then it is possible to introduce healthy frequencies to re-balance the whole body and provide an environment where the body cures itself. This treatment therefore appears to have connections with the principles of acupuncture and homeopathy which rely on energy flow and imprinting of frequencies on aqueous solutions..

The application of frequencies to the body or water is usually by vibration, electromagnetic fields, or by light.

How it is applied:
Usually electrodes, linked to a box, are applied to the patient's skin. According to the manufacturer of these devices, they emit alternating currents which are claimed to be healing. They describe cells as resonating objects having a natural resonance (ie bio-resonance).

Due to the complexity of the electrical signals in an electrically noisy environment and the range of frequencies utilised, the response is sometimes read though an extended period, in order to average to increase the accuracy of the results. In some of these devices a modern signal processing techniques, usually PC-based, is able to analyse the response' multiple parameters, and interpret the results. The analyst is then supposedly able to make an assessment/summary of the physical and mental health of the patient.

Treatment is also considered possible by practitioners, claiming to be able to invert the process generating the correct elements to stimulate the change of bioresonance in the cells. The devices would need to be able to isolate and pinpoint pathogen's responses from the mixture of responses the device receives via the electrodes. These pathogen's signals may then be compensated by their opposite. Transmitting these transformed signals over the same electrodes generate healing signals that are claimed to have the curative effect. With this action/reaction, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs.

Bioresonance has strong cross overs between Radionics & Electro Dermal Screening Devices

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